My name is Tiarmarie Rose

I live in the city of Bath where I do Macro Flower Photography and oil painting.
I am naturally artistic in nature and my skills have been self taught from an
early age, when I started drawings in many subjects, including horses, cottages,
facial profiles, vegetables and fruit, later I went on to paint in oils, mixed
mediums and water colours.

 NOTE:  I specialize in Macro photography, I'm not a general photographer.
The photographs I have taken of my oil painting do not encapture their true beauty
and should be viewed personally to appreciated their fine detail and stunning colour

  My photographs are of high quality and printed on 250 gsm paper Satin finish, which are
printed locally and delivered to the address given.  All prices include delivery

Samples of my flower photographs can be viewed privately before ordering

A1 Borderless Prints Prints    1  £46

A0 Flower World Poster    1   £58

Varnished oil paintings, stretched canvas, unframed £500.00

Varnished oil paintings, stretched canvas, Framed £800.00

Set of Egyptian paintings, hand painted watercolours, mounted £300.00

Set of Horoscope cards, hand painted watercolours, mounted £300.00

Set of Language of Flowers cards, hand painted watercolours, mounted £300.00

Oil painting come with their own carry cases.  All prices include delivery
Frames are hand made and painted locally from quality wood and ready to hang


 This site is for viewing art and photography
Like what you see ?
Please ring or text me to arrange a viewing or Purchase

TEL 07964910868
  Before Garland Flower Photography, I was running Garland Products
selling Aromatherapy products, greetings cards and Egyptian tomb art